Traveling abroad is always a desire not only for our own but also for millions of other people. And now, Cambodia vacation packages are always one of the most exciting Asian trips. Tourism is growing daily, and Cambodia is also no exception in welcoming more tourists to the country. One of the concerns of tourists before departure to Cambodia is what you should bring when visiting Cambodia. This post will give you the most useful suggestions.

cambodia vacation packages
Cambodia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia – Source: Flickr

Must-Pack Things If You Visit Cambodia


Each country has different climates and weather conditions. So if you are planning to explore Cambodia, remember that this place possesses a harsh environment and much hotter weather than our country. Therefore, to have the most exciting journey of discovery, choose sweat-absorbing, neat and easy-to-move clothes. Of course, a “standard without adjustment” suggestion is a t-shirt and jeans. But remember to choose a simple t-shirt, without text or too flashy. This will be a good suggestion to ensure the safety of your trip.

cambodia vacation packages
Tshirt and jeans are always the most comfortable travel clothes – Source: Wikimedia

While avoiding the attention of some bad actors, they do not have to be afraid of a country’s cultural problems. Jeans and t-shirts also give you a stylish personality and super cool photos. For girls, light dresses are also very suitable to wear during this trip to the capital city of Cambodia. However, you must not wear too revealing or too short dresses.
This kind of clothing is especially forbidden when you visit sacred tourist areas such as temples, pagodas, and palaces. If you intentionally wear that, you will be asked to stand outside the attraction. A dress should preferably have sleeves and be over the knee.

First aid kit

When traveling, you should also take the initiative to bring some basic medicines such as stomach pain medicine, allergy medicine, eye medicine, gauze and bandages, and pain reliever and leave them in easy-to-access places in your luggage and luggage. Each type should be marked separately. Although you can easily find pharmacies in Cambodia or at Western-style chemists, they are readily available in urban centers or on the streets.

cambodia vacation packages
You can store the first aid kit in a small bag – Source: Pxhere

If you’re out in the suburbs or on jungle trips, health care may be less than desirable, so make sure you bring a full travel first aid kit. Once you have prepared all the necessary first aid supplies for your Cambodia vacation packages, you will need to know how to store them, keeping them clean and dry during the trip. You do not need to buy a specialized bag to store first-aid supplies, but you can take advantage of a waterproof makeup bag or a waist bag to store first-aid supplies.

Mosquito spray

cambodia vacation packages
Mosquito spray or insect repellant is essential when you travel in the jungles of Cambodia – Source: Flickr

It would help if you bought mosquito spray no matter where you travel because it can appear anywhere. In Cambodia, many types of insects exist, such as mosquitoes, flies, and cockroaches. Bring yourself an insect spray or cream to avoid being bitten. To avoid being attacked by mosquitoes when visiting temples like Siem Reap, you should bring mosquito-repellent creams. This preparation is also a way to help you protect your health during your travel days in Cambodia.
Especially early in the morning and at night when you go to bed, it will make you uncomfortable and uncomfortable for your travel. If you go into the woods, insect repellent is a must, along with wearing loose clothing that covers wrists and ankles.

Hoodie or fleece

This item is the most popular winter clothing option among young people. A hoodie to keep warm will be very convenient for traveling, especially in high mountain areas like Cambodia. On hot or cold days in Cambodia, a hoodie is ideal for your trip. Or if you don’t want to wear layers, a hoodie is also the best option. A hoodie is a right choice if you want to stay warm but still look cool or cute. Hoodies now have many designs, colors, and materials, so it is extremely popular when accompanying on any trip.


Another equally important item in your suitcase is sunscreen. Cambodia has weather characterized by the hot sun, so you should bring sunscreen and use it regularly to protect your skin against the negative effects of the sun. Constantly moving between attractions will expose you to a lot of sunlight. It is especially necessary for girls afraid of the bright sun, and this is the best leather jacket to protect your skin. So make sure it stays somewhere in your makeup bag. You can also buy them at cosmetic shops on the streets of this kingdom, but to save time, you should have everything ready in advance.


Tourists, when traveling in Cambodia vacation packages should prepare wet tissues to facilitate wiping their hands when traveling in the car or when eating. In addition, face towels and towels are also indispensable in the journey.
Although the hotel where you arrive will be prepared with face towels and towels, to ensure hygiene and health for yourself, each person should bring their own.

Light rain jacket

Bringing a nice jacket will help you become more prominent and contribute to hiding the flaws in the outfit you wear if it is not considered beautiful. Wearing a jacket on your body can also protect you from the cold with erratic weather on the way. In addition, depending on the weather situation and the region you are traveling to, bring a windbreaker or a thick jacket.

In Sum

What Should You Bring When Visiting Cambodia? First aid kit, sunglasses, sunscreen, mosquito spray, and tissue. In addition to carrying clothes, you should bring these, which will make your trip to Cambodia much more comfortable.
Do not bring many things such as bags, cameras, and water bottles when you go sightseeing because it makes you look quite cumbersome, and you will lose strength when carrying so much. Please leave them in the car or hotel, or you can put them all in your backpack to carry

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