It’s important to gain some knowledge about the culture of your destination before departing there. Although Thailand tour packages offer information, it’s better to dig into it yourself. Besides cultural aspects, the climate is also a factor to care about. Now, let’s see what to wear in Thailand – a beautiful tropical country.

thailand tour packages
Thai traditional costumes (Source: Dreamtimes)

What You Know About Thailand’s Dress Code

Thailand is privileged in tourism, with millions of visitors annually. Hence, the residents are very open and friendly. However, you should know some rules about clothes in public areas. It would be best for you to wear simple and neat costumes because Thai is modest in a daily fashion. If you dress up with colorful items and sparkling accessories, you may look extra to them and get their eyes on you. If you are an attention-seeker, go ahead!

Additionally, no matter how hot and humid it is, you should not wear sleeveless tops and too-short bottoms in public which is offensive to Thai people. Also, these unfavorable clothes cannot save you from sunlight, and you may catch sunburn. Remember, it’s Thailand – a tropical country in Southeast Asia.

Thailand Tour Packages Guide: Best Fabric In Thailand

Besides the clothes design, you should pay attention to the fabric. Thailand is hot and humid almost year-round, so thin, light, and airy materials match perfectly. Below are some popular selections you can consider.


thailand tour packages
Linen fabric for dresses, blazers, tops, and trousers (Source: Internet)

The number one option for you is linen. The characteristics of this garment include airy, cool, easy-to-dry, comfortable, and wrinkle-tendency. Linen works for tops, bottoms, and even shoes to equip yourself with a full linen outfit for the hot days in Thailand. The design of linen clothes is usually oversized because it is not elastic, so that you will get comfort in these costumes. Although it gets wrinkles making the clothes unaesthetic somehow, it is always the best choice. You can solve this problem real quick with some tips below:

● Use a steam iron which will flat your clothes in 1 minute
● Choose products with linen mixing synthetic fabric
● Do not squeeze it when washing

UPF Fabric

thailand tour packages
Sun-proofing tops made of UPF fabric (Source: Internet)

Wise travelers will pack UPF fabric items on their trip to Thailand. So what is UPF? It stands for ultraviolet protector factor – understood as clothes that protect you from sunlight. Due to summer’s harsh heat and sunshine, Thai people usually wear long sleeve tops to avoid sunburn. Gradually, it becomes a specific dress code in their country. With UPF dress, you can fit into this daily fashion easily. If you forget to pack them with you, don’t worry, you can find them anywhere in the land of temples at an affordable price. A UPF hat also makes your day better!

Merino Fabric

thailand tour packages
Light cardigan for some breeze days (Source: Internet)

Opposite the hot heat, Thailand also offers a breeze and freshness thanks to some rains. So, bringing some merino fabric clothes can save you on these sudden heat-off days. You can choose light sweaters or cardigans, just in case.
Besides, merino fabric also works with summer clothes thanks to its lightweight and sweat-absorb characteristics to keep you airy, cool, and comfortable.


thailand tour packages
What to wear in Thailand (Source: Internet)

Let’s see what we can wear in such hot and humid weather. It can be a cotton t-shirt, jeans, denim coat, etc. Asian people, in general, also favor cotton fabric because of its sweat-absorbability, elastic ability, and airy. Instead of jeans, we prefer much softer and more comfortable trousers. Nevertheless, jeans are so-so fabrics, depending on your habit.
Just keep in mind to avoid polyester fabric which is not absorbent and makes you sweat a lot.

What to Wear in Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand which is the hustle and bustle and full of high and modern buildings like any other developing city in the world. It has a young, dynamic, and open lifestyle with a less traditional footprint. As a result, you can wear anything we suggest above. However, if you visit temples here, you should choose your outfits carefully. Although Thailand tour packages may tell you about it, we’d like to specify it now.

thailand tour packages
Favorable clothes in Thai temples (Source: Internet)

For Men

You can choose a T-shirt fitting with trousers or capris. This combination is not only cool but also shows your respect for the holiness of the temple. Take note: avoid opting for shorts above your knee, or you will be kicked out of the temples. You will be asked to take your shoes off when entering temples, so we recommend wearing thongs or sandals for your best sake.

For Women

It’s not favorable to wear short skirts in the temple. The suitable length of your skirt is less than a 5-cm distance to your ankles, such as maxi dresses, long skirts, sarong skirts, etc. If you wear a shorter one, let’s cover your legs with other fabrics before entering the temples. When choosing the top, you should opt for a top that covers your shoulders, so sleeveless is not a good idea. It would be best if you put your crop top aside, either.

Like men, women should wear thongs or sandals to enter the temples quickly and easily. You can also wear a hat, sunglasses, and scarf to these holy places. Another accessory that will save you in this tropical country is an umbrella. Although Thailand is hot and dry, sudden rain also happens and may soak you as a rat! So, prevention is better than cure! Bracelets, rings, earrings, belts, etc., are also allowed. So, be free to wear them.

Final Thought

Before arriving at the destination, you should check your Thailand tour packages to get some basic knowledge about this land of temples. Learning more about their culture, dress code, and weather will make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

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