The Indochina area has always been a famous tourist spot for its spectacular nature, ancient historical sites, and hospitable people. Countries from the region, like Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos, are places with many undiscovered sites for people to explore.

However, the Coronavirus outburst at the beginning of 2020 had stopped all travel plans. Cities have been shut down, people lost their jobs, and everybody had to stay in quarantine.

But, on the other side of the world, many countries have recovered from the disease. In specific, Vietnam, the small but brave country in Southeast Asia, is one of these great nations. It’s safe to travel there now.

In this post, let’s learn about some popular travel destinations in Vietnam, recommended in lots of Vietnam travel itinerary so that you can prepare for your trip to the beautiful Vietnam.

Some recommended travel spots for you


Welcome to the capital city of Vietnam – Hanoi. Located in the Northern part of Vietnam, the city has long been known as the significantly historical city of the country from the 10th century until now. For its long history, the city is the center of culture, the heart of the national identity of Vietnam.

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Hoan Kiem Lake

Situated next to the Red River, Hanoi is blessed with cool, windy weather, which complements the serene beauty of the 1000-years-old city. Arrive at the city, there are many fantastic activities for you to try, from visiting the Quoc Tu Giam – the first university of Vietnam to having a walk along the West Lake or Hoan Kiem Lake while listening to the folktale of Le Loi.

For Buddhists, the city is such an amazing place because of the large number of old, ancient pagodas. Visiting the Mot Cot pagoda or Chan Quoc pagoda, burning incense, and sightseeing the ancient Vietnamese architecture are also experiences that you can have from the city.

Ho Chi Minh City

There is a saying in Vietnam that “If you want to learn history and culture, go to Hanoi, but, if you would like to live in a modern city with investment potential, choose Ho Chi Minh city instead. Yes, it’s so true. Ho Chi Minh City brings you to a totally different vibe compared to Hanoi.

Situated in the Southern area of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City is a small rural town that is considered Vietnam’s economic center. Many multinational companies choose this modern city to place their Vietnam headquarter. Ho Chi Minh City was established about 300 years ago under the name “Saigon”. The French people had planned to design Saigon as an economic and political center, which means there are lots of spectacular buildings and houses with French architecture. They also built the railway system and some of the roads there, so you can see the strong French influence in the city.

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Given that fact, the city provides you with many interesting one-day trips to historical sites such as Independent Palace, Historical Museum, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Cu Chi Tunnel, etc. Among them, the journey to Cu Chi Tunnel will offer you an unforgettable memory. You will have a chance to experience life inside the underground mansion, how they live, how they fight, and how they survive under such circumstances.

Can Tho

Driving about 6 hours from Ho Chi Minh City to the Southwest region, you can arrive at the beautiful Can Tho city. Located along the Mekong River, Can Tho is the economic center of the Southwest area.

This town used to be extremely prosperous because of the history of being a trading center of French businessmen during the colonized period. Consequently, there are many old houses with French architecture, most of which become tourist sites nowadays.

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Given that fact, the most popular tourist activity in the city is to visit the colonized period houses. In specific, Binh Thuy Old House, which was chosen as a setting for the famous French film “The Lovers”, is a must-visit on almost any Vietnam travel itinerary. When the days come to an end, you can enjoy a romantic dinner on the cruise gliding along Can Tho River while seeing the bright shiny colorful Can Tho Bridge from far away.


Let’s go back to the Northside to visit Sapa – the “serene haven” of Vietnam. Placed in the mountainous area of Lao Cai province, this border town has become a must-have place in any Vietnam tour itinerary for those who want to experience the windy and snowy weather that most Vietnam towns don’t have.

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From Hanoi, it takes about 6 hours driving along the Hanoi – Lao Cai expressway to arrive at the town. What “welcomes” you to the city are the windy weather, fresh air with many glamorous hotels, and colorfully-dressed ethnic minorities.

That being said, the trip to Sapa is the time for you to adapt to other Ethnic cultures and enjoy the wild nature, which is hard to find in any metropolitan area.

Unlike other cities in Vietnam, the weather in Sapa is quite consistent. Typically, at the beginning of the day, you can feel the cold, “icy” climate of the winter, making you feel much more enjoyable to have a warm “pho” to warm up your body.

When the time slowly reaches noon, Sapa seems to be much warmer. Walking down the hill on a cozy day while listening to birds singing is a great experience then. And the “autumn” will arrive when the day turns to dawn.

People have to wear thicker clothes and cover their heads with hats. Finally, when the night comes, Sapa completely turns into the “winter”.

Safety guideline during your Vietnam trip

Even though the coronavirus is quite stamped out in Vietnam, it’s still better to follow the safety guidelines from the WHO. Coronavirus can survive up to 24 hours. Hence, there is a high chance of being exposed to the virus from interacting with literally anything. Here are some tips for you:

  • Wash your hand with sanitizers: Virus can live on any object. Thus, it’s safer to sterilize your hands with alcohol-based hand wash or soap to kill all bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms.
  • Wear masks whenever going to public: Wearing masks in public has always been a useful habit. Just imagine, when going outside, it’s more likely that you can interact with dust, sand, polluted air, viruses, and bacteria from any source. So, wearing a mask is always an excellent method to prevent all these harmful factors from going inside your body.
  • Avoid touching your face and mouth with bare hands: As mentioned above, the virus can live on your hands by accident. Not only the coronavirus but also other bacteria and microorganisms can stay over your hands without your notice. And touching your face or face is the fastest way to put the virus into your body.
  • Stay away from others at least 2 meters: It’s impossible to control being exposed to others’ body fluid. Just a slight cough or sneeze can contain the coronavirus and infect you, so, “better avoid than treatment”, you should try to protect yourself from being infected by remaining 2 meters away from others.

Wrapping it up

Through this post, we have gone through many famous travel destinations in Vietnam. Every country has its signature beauty that you could never experience until visiting at the spot, so, no need to hesitate, pack your bag and let’s go!

However, no matter how safe the country is, we still advise you to follow the instructions from the local authorities and keep updated with the news to take the best action.

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