Thailand is the perfect destination for everyone. Every year, this Southeast Asian country welcomes millions of tourists to visit and explore many Thailand vacation packages. So why do you choose to travel to Thailand? There are hundreds of reasons to visit the “Land of Smiles.” This article will summarize the top five reasons you want to pack your suitcase and travel to Thailand immediately.

Reasons to Travel to Thailand

People and Culture

Local Thai people are very friendly and nice. They are ready to help guests when they need to travel to Thailand. If you want to visit interesting places to eat, do not hesitate to ask a local Thai for advice. Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, adjacent to many countries, Thailand has a rich cultural identity and diverse and colorful cultural festivals. Every year, these traditional festivals attract many tourists flocking to visit and travel, such as the Songkran festival, lantern festival, monkey buffet festival, vegetarian festival, etc.

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Thai people are very friendly and hospitable – Source: Flickr

In particular, the Songkran festival, or water festival, which takes place in mid-April every year, is the most anticipated. Celebrations are held across the country to pray for good luck and peace. According to the Thai concept, splashing water removes dirt and bad luck and starts a new year.

Pristine Beaches

The white sand beaches are one of the main reasons why tourists worldwide want to travel to Thailand. Thailand has more than 2000 miles of coastline and many beautiful islands. The Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea are the most beautiful islands in Thailand vacation packages. These are also the most impressive beaches in the country of millions of elephants.

thailand vacation packages
One of the most beautiful beaches in thailand – Source: Internet

Unspoiled beaches with long stretches of white sand, and clear blue sea with palm trees, creating a romantic and poetic scene, are one of the great and perfect reasons why you will have to travel to Thailand. Lan as soon as possible.
The beaches, with over 1,500 miles of coastline are one of the most impressive natural features in this country. Although today, with the thriving tourism industry, the beaches in Thailand are crowded with tourists, some are still quiet, secluded, and beautiful. Some of these beaches include Freedom Beach in Phuket and Sunset Beach in Koh Kradan.

The Food

When it comes to Thai food, many people can name pad Thai or tom yum soup. But the cuisine of the land of the Golden Temple on the streets has a lot of amazing things to discover. The best Thai dishes that tourists love are often not in luxurious restaurants but are prepared quite simply outdoors. Visiting the night markets close to the shops with the sweet aroma of food is something that no one wants to miss when coming to Thailand.

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Tom yum is a famous dish in the land of golden pagodas – Source: Wikimedia

It’s hard to walk around and explore the streets of Thailand on an empty stomach. Wherever you go, swooping into a restaurant on the side of the road is very difficult to avoid. Sometimes visitors hesitate to enjoy food in a completely unfamiliar place, but the fear will disappear in Thailand. Locals have cooked street food here for decades, so they are a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Thailand is home to a lot of wildlife living in national parks. Khao Yai National Park in central Thailand is home to tigers and wild boar, and if you’re really lucky, you might even see an elephant or two. To the south, there is Monkey Beach on Phi Phi Island. Remember to be a responsible tourist, not harm wildlife, and avoid tourist attractions that abuse animals for profit. Moreover, Khao Phra Thaeo National Park on the island is a tropical forest that attracts visitors with protected wildlife, peaceful walking trails, and beautiful waterfalls. It can be said that Phuket is a paradise. The real “treasure” of Thailand tourism.

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The Beautiful Khao Phra Thaeo National Park – Source: Thainationalparks

One of Thailand’s most precious nature reserves, Nam Nao National Park, is in Phetchabun. With an area of nearly 1,000 square kilometers, the park owns a lot of ancient forest areas such as bamboo forest, tropical forest, and pine forest, but the evergreen forest still dominates. Moreover, Phu Kradueng National Park is located on the top of a plateau. There are many walking paths through eye-catching green grasslands, pine forests, mixed deciduous forests, and evergreen forests. Similar to Nam Nao Park, this towering forest has the coolest climate in Thailand.

The Buddhas and the Temples

In Thailand vacation packages, one of the indispensable places is the temples with majestic Buddhist architecture and sophisticated sculptures. Thailand has many temples and pagodas with beautiful and monumental architecture. From the busiest streets of the city to the remote, remote towns, Thailand has many temples and pagodas waiting for you to visit. More than 95% of Thais are Buddhist, so you will find a lot of temples and shrines to worship Buddha when traveling to Thailand. You’ll see Lanna-style temples in northern Thailand, Khmer-style temples in Ayutthaya city, and many other beautiful temples all over the city. In the tour packages, you can witness magnificent temples. The vast temple area makes you overwhelmed.

thailand vacation packages
Sacred golden temple land – Source: Wikimedia

Moreover, these temples are considered by many to be very sacred. After visiting the temple to worship the Buddha, pilgrims are often blessed by the monks by tying a white rope around their wrists, splashing a few drops of water on their bodies, chanting, and then ringing a few bells. The Thai people believe that those who the monks bless will also be blessed by the Buddha for good luck, health, and peace.

In Sum

Why do you choose to travel to Thailand? Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations. This country is famous for its beautiful scenery and delicious food, suitable for those who want to explore the local culture. Thailand has many impressive new destinations and simple travel procedures suitable for visitors to experience many interesting things this summer.

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