Vietnam, a dynamic country in South East Asia, is not only famous for a millennial history but also a land of dishes of unusual excellence. Vietnam offers inescapable territory specialties that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Each course bears a distinction that will mark a splendor in your memory. That is why you MUST join this Vietnam Culinary Vacation to follow the unique eating ethos from this end to another of Vietnam. The 12-day tour will take you from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh highlighting food experience. You will walk through the iconic destinations of each location and enjoy the menu designed to surprise you by means.


Starting in Hanoi, you will explore down South. Your journey consists of visiting the spotlights of each city and the authentic restaurants in that area. Namely, you will witness a bustling capital of Hanoi where people are proud of their spots concerning past events. Sailing to Ha Long Bay, it is your chance to encounter the mighty limestones like descending dragons by the bay just like its name depicts. The next destination includes Hoi An where you will find a picturesque old town recognized as one of the world culture heritages by UNESCO. Your excursion will continue to Ho Chi Minh City, the gem of the East where you will spend four days exploring to the West enjoying all the essence of the cuisine on this exotic but homely land.
Day 1: A tinge of Hanoi
Leaving the airport and a tiring flight, the car will pick you up and drive to the hotel at 14.00 to check in. You can take a break and get ready to fill your hungry stomach with the most delicious serves of Hanoi. The street food tour will take you to taste Pho Cuon in Ngu Xa, a derivative of traditional Pho serve with no soup but not less delightful. The next dish is Banh Cuon, a kind of steamed rolls made of rice-flour stuffed with minced pork and mushroom then serve with side pork-pies of Hang Ga restaurant. What makes it outstanding is the genuine sauce made from unique ingredients. Of course, BBQ seafood and beer on Ta Hien are the essential attributes to the trip.

Meal(s): D

Day 2: A deeper Hanoi
Make your morning a bit of leisure having a healthy breakfast and visiting the Museum of Literature and Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. Then, the tour will bring you an appetizing lunch of Bun Cha. This main course ensures a local experience in which you will have a meal of noodles, grilled minced pork come with pickles and specific sauce. And a cold beer will complete your meal. Continue to Hoan Kiem Lake and Ngoc Son Temple, besides the historical sites, you can roam around the Old Quarter on a cyclo. Don’t forget to put on a Vietnam leaf conical hat to match the scene. Your next mission will end up in a Hanoi cooking class where you learn a few local recipes and enjoy your own dish. Dinner at the Home Restaurant - The Quintessence of Tonkin with culture spectacle on the show will leave remarkable moments before you leave Hanoi.

Meal(s): B/L/D

Day 3: Sail to the Dragon Land
From Hanoi, you will cruise down overnight to Ha Long Bay on a privilege ship. Enjoy your world class meals prepared by 5-star chefs while letting the wind burrow through your hair in a poetic landscape. Enjoy a day on the azure blue sea water among the rock mountains abruptly raised above the ocean, spend time kyaking through marvelous Bay.

Meal(s): B/L/D

Day 4: Kiss the mainland
Say goodbye to the water; you’re now in Hanoi getting ready for the flight to Da Nang. Before departing from the beautiful capital, take your time to have a few more bites of Hanoi traditional Pho and feel a bit nostalgic about this peaceable city. Taking off to Da Nang, then transfer to Hue. The city of Kings will embrace you to its warming night. You will be checking in the hotel, having a royal dinner and taking a deep sleep for tomorrow surprises.

Meal(s): B/L/D

Day 5: An Imperial exploration
In the Hue City Tour, bath yourself under the royal sunlight while touring the Imperial Citadel and Palaces sensing the golden years of this land ruled by the kings. Besides the magnificence of majestic, you will drift down the current of Huong river to sightsee Minh Mang and Khai Dinh tombs, then cruise back to Thien Mu Pagoda and feel the divinity of this sacred place. A tremendous amount of Hue food is waiting for you in Dong Ba Market where the local trade and stop by for the very authentic cuisine. That means, the crispy Banh Khoai, the chewy Banh Bot Loc, the soft Banh Beo, Com Hen, Hue Beef Noodle.

Meal(s): B/L

Day 6: Trail through a mountain pass
A private car will take you from Hue, through Hai Van Tunnels to witness the majestic mountain scenery where there are only one road traverses across the wild, to Hoi An. Don’t be hasty in this tranquil town; feel free to take your time to walk around the area and explore a number of specialties such as Cao Lau, Quang style noodles or the famous Quang Nam chicken rice. If you can’t cover all those courses, a splendid dinner is waiting with a better serve.

Meal(s): B/D

Day 7: Be more Hoi An
Start your day by joining the locals for a cup of hot coffee. Then, walk into the town, see some stores, buy souvenirs and talk to the people while having a cup of tea before lunch. Come back before 17.00 to attend your cooking class where you will learn the unique recipes to craft your own Hoi An dishes with the instruction of a qualified chef.

Meal(s): B/L/D

Day 8: Fish like a local
Arrive at Cam Thanh village and participate in riding water buffalo with farmers on the rice field. Inhale some fresh air and take rest before having your lunch prepared with farm products. Ride a boat to Cua Dai to visit the fishing village. Let the skilled fishermen teach you to catch fish in their tradition, and challenge yourself paddling a bamboo basket. When it’s enough of hard work, you deserve a comfortable cruise through a tranquil water coconut ecological system. Catch crabs in the water coconut forest with locals then bring your achievements back to make them out-of-this-world meals at a local home. Bike back to the main road and let the van pick you.

Meal(s): B/L

Day 9: Give Saigon a hug
Leaving Hoi An, you will catch a flight from Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh city. Your first day there will be roaming around the city spotlights like the Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon Post Office, Ho Chi Minh City Hall, and the Reunification Palace. Your dinner is waiting on the cruise ship where you will be enjoying the South delicacies and Saigon nightlife from Saigon River.

Meal(s): B/L/D

Day 10: A journey to history
you will sail across the Saigon River to Cu Chi Tunnels. Arriving at the place, spend some minutes to listen to the stories of the formation and convulsions. You will have lunch here prepared with pride from the children of this noble land. The boat will take you back to the city where you are free to discover Saigon after dusk. If you want a complete experience in Ho Chi Minh City, don’t bypass the street food. It is this part of the culinary in the South that you will miss once you leave the country. Try out the Viet street style pizza, snails, BBQ and anything that catches your eyes.

Meal(s): B/L

Day 11: To the heart of the West
You will have a boat trip to Ben Tre to have lunch with river caught fish, vegetables in the garden and non-industrial meat. The car will take you to check in your homestay where you will learn how to cook Banh Xeo with the homeowner. It is the host who will prepare your dinner too. You can expect the authenticity and taste of the meal.

Meal(s): B/L/D

Day 12: Live a tranquil day
It is your chance today to discover the picturesque landscape of the village in Ben Tre. Cycling around the paddle fields, rural bridges and greeting the kids on the path will become your unforgettable memories before going back to Saigon for Saigon Street Food Tour by Vespa. Don’t forget to grab a cold beer and chat with the young locals on Bui Vien.

Meal(s): B/L/D

Day 13: Kiss Vietnam Goodbye
At the end of the trip, you will have a whole bunch of memory to recall about this beautiful country. Bring home some homemade souvenirs and specialties. The tour takes care of your breakfast and lunch. Time to say goodbye.

Meal(s): B

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