While searching for some Vietnam holiday tour packages, we find out that Laos also provides tours with a similar experience, even with more wilderness because there are not many tourists coming there.

We had chosen Laos as the stop-view for our boat trip last week with such enthusiasm, and it was amazing! Let us guide you to some top ideal destinations in Laos to play kayaking for your later trip!

Where Can You Kayak When Coming to Laos?

Even though there are many striking spots for kayaking in Laos, Nam Khan River, Nam Song River, Si Phan Don are the top 3 worth-visiting destinations based on visitors’ experience. We will dive deep into each place to analyze what makes it so unique.

Nam Khan River

Nam Khan is a distinctively long and enormous river flowing along the center of Laos capital, Luang Prabang. For such a special location, the river attracts people from abroad and domestics on weekends. From an outsider’s perspective, this is a great place for kayaking. Meanwhile, local people love jogging and having a picnic on its riverbank.

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Nam Khan River

Tubing along the river, you can also find a stop nearby Tad Sae waterfall to swim and take some group photos. Surfing through travel forums, most tourists believe that the Nam Khan travel spot deserves the title of “Top Attractive Destinations for Kayaking in Southeast Asia” in the Indochina tour packages categories.

The best time in the year to travel to the Nam Khan River is in the rainy season, lasting from June to December. The river rolls gently, flowers bloom, and breezes flow. Kayaking along the Nam Khan River during these times, you can see how the scenery transforms, from Luang Prabang to Xieng Khouang. Such a tranquil experience!

Nam Song River

When coming to Vang Vieng, Nam Song River is a place that you could never miss a chance to visit, especially for kayakers. What makes Nam Song travel spot distinguished from others is that it combines river, mountains, and countryside scenery in the same area. Coming to Nam Song, you can experience three attractions at the same time!

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Nam Song River

Vang Vieng was famous for being a lively and noisy spot with many bars and parties every day for young tourists. Fortunately, the government decided to turn down all these places before ruining the natural image of the town. So, you can expect a calm and quiet town when coming to Vang Vieng now.

Therefore, tourists can comfortably enjoy the majestic caves, sublime lagoons, and crystal-clear rivers while slowly kayaking along the Nam Song River. We advise you to paddle in the river in the morning as it is cooler, less humid, and the air is far purer.

Si Phan Don

The third ideal tourist attraction for kayaking is Si Phan Don. With the name Si Phan Don, which means four thousand islands, this travel spot is an archipelago containing thousands of islands diversifying in sizes and shapes.

With giant size, Don Dhet and Don Khong have become two of the most visited islands. They are two rare islands to get habituated, while others are deserted because of their minute size.

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Si Phan Don

Additionally, both islands stay next to the Cambodian border, so whenever searching for Vietnam Cambodia Laos itinerary combos, you will definitely see Si Phan Don in the tour description.

What makes Si Phan Don worth visiting is its unique natural scenery. There are various landforms for the diversity and enormous size of the spot, changing from wet cave to hammock.

Therefore, while tubing across the Si Phan Don, you can sightsee many majestic sceneries as well as enjoy the cool breeze from the river. Freshwater, lively dolphins, striking caves, everything complements to make your best time ever!

Suppose you are finding the best time to kayak Si Phan Don, then we advise you to visit the islands from November to January. The weather is a bit cool, a bit warm and windy then. The tides are light enough to swim after a kayaking round, either.

From March to May, it’s acceptable to swim and tube along Si Phan Don. Still, the temperature is quite high and humid, making you less comfortable than the November – January period.

Meanwhile, you must avoid going there from June to October as it is the monsoon season and likely to have floods, landslides, and tsunamis.

Final Thoughts

Through this article, we have introduced you briefly to some ideal travel destinations in Laos for kayaking. Besides the top 3 mentioned above, there are many wonderful other spots like Kuang Si Falls, Tham Nam Water Cave, Tham Chang Cave that you could look up.

When traveling, no matter how “safe and sound” the place is, it’s a must to pay extra attention to self-protection. Always be aware, and avoid involvement in activities that can cause even just a bit of harm to your body. Enjoy your trip!

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