Vietnam is, without a doubt, one of the most famous destinations in the world! The country has attracted millions of visitors per year thanks to its breathtaking sceneries, delectable cuisines, and many other spectacular things that you can never find elsewhere.

Not to mention, no matter what you are after – a tourist spot with tranquil villages to break away from the daily grind and the bustle and hustle of noisy cities, or somewhere full of exciting activities and always in full swing, Vietnam would always cut it!

Still worried about the prevailing pandemic, which may adversely affect your lovely family during your trips? Follow our article of Vietnam family holidays to chase that away!

Destinations When Going On Vietnam Holidays With Kids

Afraid that you can’t find a suitable place for your kids? Don’t worry, let’s start by flicking through some of the most attractive and idyllic places in Vietnam that will take your breath away even when you just glance at them.! And of course, all are highly recommended for families!

Ha Long Bay

The first tourist attraction we want to introduce to you is Ha Long Bay – one of seven natural wonders of the world! This exquisite limestone should not be missed under any circumstance if you have a chance to travel to Vietnam.

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Upon coming here, you can take part in a great deal of interesting activities to see for yourself the wonders hidden amid the gem-blue bay and the magnificent limestone mountains. They come in abundance, ranging from adventurous leisure such as exploring different caves and going hiking, to fun for all ages like taking family-friendly cruises.

After the quarantine days, you shouldn’t waste any time and grab every chance you have to unwind and satisfy your travelling passion. So don’t hesitate to pack on your luggage now and sign up for some Vietnam vacation packages!

Da Nang City

Da Nang has been booming in popularity and become one of the most renowned tourist spots in Vietnam, if not Asia The area is well-known for the stunning towns it boasts together with a wide range of boutique restaurants and shops where you are free to choose different kinds of souvenirs for your relatives or friends. These souvenirs are well made by the locals and will jog your mind about this wonderful landscape later on!

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Also, Da Nang is blessed with one of the most appealing beaches in Vietnam. So if you are looking forward to immersing yourself in the soothing ocean this summer, this should be where you head to.

Besides the crystal-clear sea where your kids can have a blast swimming in, Da Nang also offers various activities for them, and they are sure to not let your little angel down!

One more important thing is that after the long period of quarantine, The City of Danang is ready to get back to its feet and looking forward to meeting and serving visitors! Everyone there is awaiting your arrival. So why not make this your destination for the next vacation?

Da Lat City

We are pretty sure that you can’t wait to escape from the busy and noisy cities and immerse in the tranquil atmosphere. If so, Dalat will be your best destination in Vietnam!

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The first thing everyone will probably find interesting about this city is that the climate here is quite different compared to many other regions of Vietnam. If you have come across other articles about Dalat, we bet that you have heard of the extraordinary climate. It has four seasons in just one day! So interesting, right?

As marvelous as this sounds, you might want to prepare various types of clothing so as not to be adversely affected by the constant shift in the weather. So, yeah, your luggage is going to get quite clunky.

In Dalat, prepare not to be taken aback by the beautiful and peaceful sceneries, as well! There are a wide range of flowers and fruits that you hardly find in other places.

When it comes to accommodation, if a luxury hotel or resorts are not your choice, then you can choose a homestay with reasonable price yet worthwhile.

Brief Travelling Guide Amid Corona Crisis

Interesting as your private tours to Vietnam are, during this period of disease outbreak, you need to take some other factors into consideration. Besides preparing your package like clothing and other personal accessories, don’t forget to bring items that protect you from contracting diseases. Here are some pieces of advice and we hope they will help you sometimes:

Bring facial masks and gel hand sanitizer

Sure that words have been getting around that Vietnam has so far done an excellent job in battling against the pandemic. However, precaution is better than cure. Therefore, take these personal safety measures everywhere you go so that you are well shielded from disease contagion. Remember to wash your hand with hand sanitizer before eating or drinking.

Regularly make medical checkup

Before heading out of your hotel or getting to bed, spend roughly five minutes measuring your temperature and make sure that you are still fit as a fiddle. If you find yourself developing any unusual symptoms, immediately contact the health center to receive adequate care.

The Bottom Line

Travelling is undoubtedly a passion to many. If you intend to get the trip of your life and have memorable experiences with those you hold dear, then you should not miss out on the opportunity to travel to Vietnam.

This beautiful and tranquil country will never let you down. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for unforgettable Vietnam tour holidays right now. Also, don’t forget to take precautions in order to keep yourself in good shape all the time!

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