Vietnam – The Timeless Charm

Being widely well-known as the S-shaped land, Vietnam – a popular country in Southeast Asia emerges as a charming destination with hidden inherited beauty from nature. Stretching from the North to the Central and the South, there are various tourist attractions which highlight the richness in tradition, culture and history of Vietnam. Especially, Vietnam is also a wonderful land of many UNESCO Heritage Sites, which are the most splendid views that everyone desires to firsthand contemplate. So, Vietnam is the best suggestion for your perfect vacation, with a lot of picturesque sights waiting for your exploration!

With long coastline stretching all the length of S-shaped land, Vietnam has tropical climate in the North, and subtropical climate in the Central and the South. Particularly, monsoon is a characteristic feature that has significant impact on weather in Vietnam. The weather is also diverse with considerable amount of sun, high rate of rainfall and humidity. You can travel to this beautiful country at any time in a year, however, the best time to travel to Vietnam for your perfect journey is between August and April. Taking Vietnam tour packages during these months, you will have a great time visit outstanding tourism spots under a clear weather with fresh air in the North, spend a great relaxation on top beautiful beaches on sunny days in the Central, and take a deep exploration to charming countrysides with evergreen paddy fields in the South. This period of time will give you best condition for contemplating the most wonderful views of beautiful nature!

In the North side, Hanoi – a world-well-known long standing capital with glamorous ancient beauty is the first impression that makes every traveler fall in love at the first sight. Walking around Hoan Kiem Lake to feel the breeze under a cool weather, or staying at a drink stall on a pavement to enjoy special lemon tea and watch the colorful nightlife in Hanoi will bring you fresh new experiences. Merging yourself into the Old Quarter with grey-headed streets, historical and cultural heritages in Hanoi, you will have unforgettable memories with this beloved city.

Continue to enjoy wonderful nature in Halong Bay – one of The 7 New Wonders of Nature, where is famous for magnificent natural landscapes of thousands of sculpted limestone islands rise from the waves like dragon’s teeth. When in this ‘paradise on Earth’, watching sunset while floating among evergreen islands by cruise, or taking special tours to Ti Top Island, Surprising Cave or Fighting Cocks Islet will bring you the greatest feeling ever.

Sapa – a lovely town on highland with majestic pictures of lush terraced fields is an ideal destination to continue your ‘trip to the nature’. In occasion of travelling to Sapa, going trekking from the hills down to flowery valleys to reach traditional village of ethnic groups and join their local daily activities or conquering to Indochina’s Fansipan highest peak will be ideal plans that a tourist should not miss! Stay away from the plateau, merge into the wonderful nature with picturesque grottoes on green river in Ninh Binh. At this splendid sight, traveler will get a chance to stay on boat and enjoy the spectacular scenery whilst gliding along the amongst rice paddies and ranges of the limestone mountains.

Stay away from the North of Vietnam and move to the Central side, Quang Binh is the first picturesque place which hearty welcomes you. This province is a convergence of magnificent natural landscapes, with an outstanding attraction: Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park Headquarter, where features a network of wet caves, rivers and waterfalls. You can take adventurous trekking tours to discover the pristine beauty of natural complex.

Put off the panorama of nature, take a deep insight at royal imperial city – Hue, long-stand citadel of the ancient dynasties in Vietnam with gallant palaces and temples. Hue will bring you a lot of historical and traditional features in the yesteryear of Vietnam. Keep going with the cultural sight in Hoi An Ancient Town, where is a melting-pot town with the mixture of architectures among traditional Vietnamese – Chinese – Japanese and French art. Walking around a long-standing cultural town among yellow walls and stalls with traditional handicrafts, cycling in a peaceful village where has paddy fields surrounding, or taking part in daily activities of local people such as fish and crabs catching will make you feel fresh and very excited in a strange land.

You also have a perfect relaxation on top wonderful beaches in Nha Trang or Da Nang sea cities – where will certainly seduce you with long white sands, evergreen coconut palm trees and clear blue seawater.

Stop the exploration in the Central to start discover in the Southern Vietnam by joining in the bustle and hustle of Ho Chi Minh city. It is an amazing experience when taking a deep insight to important highlights in the centre of the city, from cultural to historical ones such as Independence Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, or discover war remnant Cu Chi Tunnels.

From Ho Chi Minh City, a western movement to Mekong Delta Area will be the most special visit ever. You must be attracted by deep exploration by sailing on a canal to an ideal peaceful countryside with shady green coconut of Ben Tre, where brings you out of a bustling city life to spend your best relaxation. Merging yourself into the ecological spots on beautiful islets on green river and enjoying traditional music also bring traveler unforgettable memories when in the west of Vietnam.

  • Currency: The official currency in Vietnam is VND (Vietnamese dong). As a foreign traveller, you can exchange your currency into VND to make it easier in trading. However, US Dollar is also used widely at tourist attractions around the country.
  • Transportation: You will have various choices in transportation when in Vietnam. Plane or train is suitable for long distance excursions. You can take boat, or cruise for visiting wonderful islands or go sightseeing on the beaches. Public transportations such as bus or taxi are also a good choice. Stop at tourist cities, there are many motorbike-for-rent services, you can hire one or you also get on traditional vehicles such as cyclo (3-wheel bicycle) and make a city tour to discover a strange land by your own plan.
  • Visa: If you decide to take Vietnam tour packages, it is necessary to learn about the law and policy. Vietnam requires a visa from foreign visitors to enter the country and stay in short time for trip or spontaneous decision. E-visa is available for citizens from some specific countries. For applying for a Vietnam E-visa, you need to submit an application form online filled with your exactly personal information which matches the details in your passport via a secured network, then pay the service fee for visa approval letter arrangement and receive the approval letter in 2 business days.
  • Languages: Official language of Vietnam is Vietnamese. And English is also used widely in many tourist attractions.
  • People: Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups and Kinh is the most popular one. Most of Kinh people live in delta areas, other groups such as H’mong, Chinese, Tay, Nung, Raglay gather in the highlands and remote areas. Every group has their own characteristics and unique culture, however, almost Vietnamese people are friendly and hospitable. Travel to any region in Vietnam, you will always be heartily welcomed by local citizens, who are willing to support you by their enthusiasm.
  • Religion: Buddhism is the most common religion in Vietnam. Therefore, a lot of tours include special visit to well-known or historical pagodas. Besides, there are also Catholic, and Muslim but with insignificant number.