Ever since the call for blanket lockdown was enacted across the country, every single aspect of your life has become increasingly dull. No more Saturday afternoon tea, no office chit chatting, no binge shopping with your kids.

As we all are hedonists, living in this disease-stricken time has never been easy. Our feet are itching, our souls are screaming for a short trip, and our hands are subconsciously scrolling photos after photos of the great memories last summer.

And speaking of the summer, we bet you never even imagined it being this dull. You may also have the thought that a holiday retreat must be a pipe dream now.

But let us guarantee you, not so fast! Vietnam beach holiday packages or Vietnam family holidays are absolutely possible. Plus, a trip to Vietnam – a country still immune to any death from coronavirus – has everything to offer you. Let’s find out!

Why Are Vietnam Family Holidays At This Point More Than Necessary?

They temporarily distract you from all the turbulence going on around the globe

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the not-so-sudden strike of COVID-19 has changed next to everything, from the way you view the world before the pandemic, to the very vulnerability of at this juncture.

I mean, your surroundings have almost devolved into a convolution, with increasing figures of people catching the virus, economic contraction, and everything that is out of your control. Yet, you keep coming across such news all over the media, which makes you even more draining.

Well, here is my prompt. What about planning a trip to Vietnam and getting away from it all? Trust me, some stress-free Vietnam family holidays are exactly your instant cleansing pills. Though temporary, you’ll see tons of good sides they do to your damaged well-being.

They reactivate your children’s usual energy

As for me, I am missing my naughty kids already. At times, I genuinely reminisce about their cheerful yells from one end of the street to another. But now, since I have to work from home, they have to keep quiet and focus on their iPads for school work.

vietnam family holiday packages

Once my kids asked me, “When can we go outside and play with our friends again, mom?”. And obviously, I didn’t know the exact answer. Thus, I believe your children have the right to benefit significantly from the upcoming Vietnam holidays with kids. They’ll have the chance to enjoy themselves again by the beach, at the amusement parks, and on trampolines.

They help enhance your marriage into an immense level

How long is it since you and your significant other last had a romantic trip together? Well, it doesn’t necessarily matter anyway, because your next trip is already set!

It is precisely the chance to reignite your relationship and show your partner how your love for him/her has not changed a bit from the day you two vowed.

private tours to vietnam

How about a candlelit dinner at a luxury restaurant by the beach, where you two talk with the dreamy eye contacts and the touch of naughty feet under the table? Marriage is no doom for love, I believe, if you know how to keep that fire burning.

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Upcoming Vietnam Trip

Onto the next trip, you may want to wrap your head around these tips.

Educate yourself with some basic knowledge on the local culture

For somebody out there who has never been to Vietnam before, there is the fact that the Vietnamese culture varies distinctively from regions to regions. For this reason, it is necessary to equip yourself with some cultural heads-up. By doing so, you can steer clear of cultural misunderstandings and embarrassing moments; at the same time, you’ll feel yourself fully immersed in the hectic yet friendly vibes of Vietnam.

planning a trip to vietnam

Not to mention, imagine how impressed your children will be with a well-informed mom who seems to know everything? I’m just kidding. The gist is that a bit of pre-knowledge is no harm, it’d even come in handy. You’ll see.

Book private tours to Vietnam

Private tours to Vietnam have become more and more popular because they are affordable, well-planned, and highly customized to the customers’ needs. Moreover, you feel cringed at a bus full of crammed tourists, don’t you? Hence, look nowhere else and book a private tour to Vietnam, mate.

Always be wary of the invisible presence of the coronavirus

Although the peaceful and chill vibes are spreading everywhere all over Vietnam, keep in mind that the global coronavirus pandemic is not over yet. It could always penetrate into this beautiful country.

planning a trip to vietnam

So, please make sure that you and your family strictly follow the WHO guidance on the COVID-19 self-protection before and during the commutation. For instance, how to wash your hands properly, or what the safe distance between people and people should be.

By doing so, you can prevent the possible contagion among the community, and make sure your children stay healthy.


With all my respect, I can tell that you are excited already. But to reiterate, before planning a trip to Vietnam, make sure that you have taken good notes of this article. And from then on, bon voyage!

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